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Eden Energy Balancing

  • $110 per 1 Hr session
  • $150 per 1.5 Hr session

This relaxing energy balancing session removes blockages, levels energy flows and initiates healing processes (physical, mental, emotional, hormonal, etc.). Several different energy systems may be addressed in a session including the aura, the chakras or energy centers, the electric system, the meridians, and the five rhythms. Using an intuitive approach and asking the body for confirmation via energy testing, imbalances are corrected. Clients are offered techniques to keep their system balanced for use in between sessions.

Eden Energy Integration Session

  • $72 per 30 min session
This is a quick light bodywork integration session that can be used for a quick weekly re-boot or after using the Quantum Wellness Beds or work with another modality.

EEM Grid Session
(cannot be booked without practitioner approval; requires at least one balancing session)

  • $240 per session (est. 2 hours or less)
Eden Energy’s Grid Session is deep work that a client’s energy must be ready for. To qualify for this session, a client needs to have minimally one 90 minute balancing session. At the balancing session energy testing will be done to ensure readiness. The grid session itself is quiet, still work, connecting points that allow the body to restore to an optimal pattern, a pattern that was likely disrupted due to trauma. An individual may have several ‘grids’ out, and they only show up for repair when the client is stable enough for the shift. A grid repair can cause dynamic shifts in an individual’s life that one must be prepared for.
EEM Regression Session
  • $240 per session (est. 1.5 Hrs)
An EEM regression session is a hands-on type of regression. The session begins with a quick EEM balancing and setting the intention of what the client would like to work on. Following a guided meditation, the client will find themselves in a more receptive and fluid state. This may include unfamiliar memories or situations, or it could include a trip back to childhood. While in this state, the client often experiences emotions and energies that can benefit from balancing, which the client receives. The session ends with some EEM integration techniques.
Energy Coaching
  • $90 per 50 min session
In this session, a client’s energy systems are assessed via practitioner surrogate testing based upon what they are bringing forward to work on. The client and the practitioner will hold points, or use various techniques, to move and balance energy, often as they continue to discuss the issues at hand.
Life Coaching
  • $90 per 50 min session
This session is appropriate for persons who experience anxiety, need help with relationships, are navigating life transitions, or who are experiencing unique circumstances. Molly uses deep listening and reflections, mindfulness techniques, techniques that regulate the nervous system, as well as deeper inner child work to address traumas and survival patterns that are hindering wellness in the present moment.
  • $300 per 3 Hr session
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was pioneered by Dolores Cannon and can be read about online or through her many books. QHHT is an in-person regression session that begins with a full life review that lasts approximately one hour. Following the review, clients are led to an altered state using a script created by Dolores herself. These sessions are unique as they not only visit other realities for the purpose of healing, but also often talk to a version of self known as the Highest Self, or as Dolores lovingly called it, the SC.