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We've carefully curated a team of practitioners in energy work, massage, and other holistic therapies to elevate your wellness journey at QWS. Enter our Remember Room and remember more of who you are.

Rachel Scott

Rachel is a licenced massage therapist since 2019 and has been practicing energetic bodywork since 2012. 

Her approach is in listening to the energetic fields in and around the body and supporting the body to integrate what it’s ready for.

She has studied under Jason Estes for 13 years in the invisible world and continuously loves to evolve herself through creating her own coursework and activations. She has a passion for community and being a part of building the greater vision for humanity. She is also QWS’s spa manager so you may see her around the spa playing many different hats.

Molly Murphy

Molly is an advanced practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine. EEM assesses energetic systems in and around the body such as the aura, the meridians, the electrics, the grid, the five rhythms, and the energy centers for balance and blockages. 

Molly is also trained in regression therapy, including EEM regressions, QHHT, and BQH. Regression therapy is used for the purposes of obtaining information that the client needs to heal through understanding and perspective. Often these sessions involve meeting with other aspects of self and with guides. 

Molly also sees clients for energy coaching and life coaching, which uses a blend of inner child work, nervous system regulation, and mindfulness.

Molly’s background includes a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, which launched her quickly into the field of mental wellness through partnering with a community child protection agency. There she served as a Bullying and Teasing Prevention Consultant for area schools. In this role she trained staff and ran programs, as well as filled in as a part-time guidance coach for children. Simultaneously, Molly began pursuing a graduate degree in Eco-Psychology, which led to a deeper dive into wellness studies, particularly focused on the relationship between self and nature. Molly spent years approaching wellness from the hands-on perspective of an earth steward running a sustainable solar homestead in Maine prior to pursuing studies in energy medicine. Molly has studied energy medicine in various modalities including The Eden Method, Domancic Bio-energy Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Beyond Quantum Healing for the last six years. Molly is currently pursuing an M.A. in Clinical Counseling, integrating body based methods into talk therapy, and works with a local agency as an intern.